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Second Gen Graveyard

Specializing in 1970-1981 Pontiac F-Body parts and cars

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Web Store

OER reproduction center console for automatic trans 1970-1981


Nice OER reproduction center console for 1970-1981 Firebird or Trans Am with automatic transmission. These are the same size and fit as original. the texture is a little off from original. 

These are the same size and fit as OEM. We put one in our ‘71 a while back. Once it’s in the only way to know it’s not OEM is to feel it. When you do you will notice the texture is off. The whole unit is plastic.


I would recommend these for a driver, budget build, or a make-do until you find a nice OEM.


The front mount brackets on the reproduction are made of plastic. I would recommend salvaging your metal bracket from your bad console and drilling out the plastic one and replacing it with a metal one.


Brackets and 4 speed tunnels are also available through our website.

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